Quality control

Quality control makes it possible to know whether the products or services sold by the company are in compliance with:

  • Market requirements,
  • The demand of client,
  • Legislation,
  • The specifications of the company.

Quality control also analyses the conditions for retouching or rejecting a product.
Our customers regularly ask us to check the compliance of:

  • Components or raw material of a product upon receipt,
  • Production in progress,
  • Processed products.

These controls can be carried out, depending on the field, according to standards.

Let’s go over a list of some cases studied in control mode:

Surface contamination
Contaminations de surface
Procédés d’électrodépôt
Process de nettoyage
Doping inspection
Dopage en microélectronique
Study of a multi layer
Revêtement multi-couches